Guide: Naming a Town or City


There are many things to keep in mind when naming the town or city in your novel:

1) Genre/Theme/Tone

It’s very important to consider the genre and theme of your story when choosing a town name. Take these names for example, each of which indicates the genre or theme of the story:


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Names: Horror Town Names


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Answer all these questions and you should have a fully-developed character for your audience to connect with.
A strong character can carry a weak plot; but a strong plot can’t carry weak characters





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  • Question: Hi there! I was wondering if you had any advice on naming places in si-fi or fantasy fiction. Im working on a D&D Campaign and i need to name a few planets that don't already exists as well as give names to continents and countrys. I have just hit a total wall on this. :/ - melfinnthehuman
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    There are lots of ways to name things, especially when you have complete control over what they’re called. One way is to take an ordered approach and name it after something important, or a major feature of the land. For example if the place is an island you might name it terraqua (a mixture of terra, meaning land, and aqua, meaning water.) Mixing root words and word ancestors are great ways to come up with fun names for places.

    If you don’t want it to be obvious that you’ve made up a name that fits your place you can make anagrams. Take one or two words that describe the place and mix up the letters until you get a cool combo. Using the example before i can take aqua and terra and mix the two to make aratequar. It sounds cool, and no one will look that far into it to find out how you got the name.

    A third way is to go totally random. It may sound silly, but just listing random syllables and putting them together is a perfectly valid way to name made up places. There are even websites that will do it for you. You can find one such site here. That way you get awesome, cool sounding names without any thought or effort.

    You mentioned you want names that don’t exist, and that is valid because you don’t want to rip off anything or anyone. I would suggest doing a quick google search of the name you come up with. If anything major comes up with that name on it scrap it and make another one.

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